#004 Emma Kirby | Horses, Ed Sheeran and Finding Your Purpose


Show Notes

Horses, Ed Sheeran and Finding Your Purpose – Emma Kirby.

Welcome to another episode of The Property Experience UK podcast, where I talk to property investors from around the country about their experiences in property and in life.

In this episode, my conversation is with Emma Kirby from West Yorkshire. In many ways, Emma has had a privileged life. Owning horses, travel adventures, and good career opportunities. It was in the area of personal relationships that Emma really struggled, seeming always to pick the wrong man.

In the last few years, however, things have changed for Emma – or should I say, Emma has made the changes. The journey into property investing (buying and selling houses for profit) and personal development have given Emma a new sense of purpose and brought a more fulfilling partner into her life.

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